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Trouble – S/T

(Hammerheart Records – 2020 / Def American Recordings – 1990)

Trouble - Trouble use.jpg

You can see here that the band have excelled quite a bit from the early days and sound way tighter, more confident with more variety and depth in their ways musically and vocally too.


An album that's strong from the start with the meaty later sounding Sabbathesque 'At The End Of My Daze' or the bluesyish 'A Sinner's Fame', the Pink Floyd meets Beatley like ballad called 'The Misery Shows (Act 1)' and puts me really in mind of material from 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. Then there are other well-arranged songs such as rockers like 'Heaven On My Mind' and the fabulous closer 'All Is Forgiven'.


Good album.



By Glenn Milligan

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