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Bill Leverty – Divided We Fall

(S/R – 2020)

Bill Leverty - Divided We Fall use.jpg

The latest Leverty release that starts up extremely strong and carries on in this vein right the way through.


A powerful opening tell-it-how-it -is rocker in 'You're A Natural' disaster that is, not a talent... unlike Bill himself who soars for all it's worth on this fabulously arranged melodically hard-edged and beautiful cut.


Elsewhere there are many brilliantly placed together songs such as the immediately following 'Strong'; the fantastic title track that is 'Divided We Fall' and 'Love Is Like A Song' with it's bright up-beat feel and magnificent guitar solo and vocal background harmony sections which are the icing on the cake to this number. Then there's the almost funkiness of 'Ace Bandage' or the Country closing 'For Better Or Forget It'.


This is a very enjoyable album which I will play again and again because there are so many different themes and styles to be found within.



By Glenn Milligan

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