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Dawn Of Life – A Long Time Coming

(S/R – 2018)

Dawn Of Life - A Long Time Coming

Now how can you not like this power trio from Spokane, WA when they start off their album with a drum solo called 'Battle Of Steptoe (1858)' which is a complete no-no when it comes to commerciality? This goes against the corporate idealism for definite and good on them too!


They are a laid back dirty late 60's/Early 70's sounding fuzzin' blues groovers made up of Sam Shoemaker (Drums); Stephen Shoemaker (Guitar/Vocals) and G. Train (Bass). Their hard riffery gives a lot to get excited over, putting me in mind of The Doors; Jimi Hendrix and at times, Sheffield's very own Lowdrive. They install us with baking, beefy slaps of love like 'Holy Road'; 'I Need To Know'; 'Animal Stuff'; 'I Don't Care' or the last blast that is 'State Of Confusion'.


I was instantly hooked!



By Glenn Milligan

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