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Glenn Hughes - Stylus, Leeds University, Tuesday, October 9th, 2018


Set List: Stormbringer/Might Just Take Your Life/Sail Away/Getting Tighter/You Keep On Moving/Keyboard Solo/You Fool No One/Guitar Solo/High Ball Shooter/You Fool No One (Reprise)/Mistreated/Smoke On The Water/Georgia On My Mind. Encore: Burn/Highway Star.


Dubbed "The Voice Of Rock" by most, Glenn Hughes has done and seen it all in his long career, from drug addictions to being member of one of biggest bands in rock: Deep Purple, not to mention being a member of Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Phenomena.. (okay, maybe they are stretching it a bit). On this current tour, Glenn is celebrating songs from his time in Deep Purple.















Against a stage backdrop of his 1970's self (all bare chested and shoulder length hair) he stands proud in hippy style clothes, denim flares, hair still as long,wearing shades and bass guitar at the ready. When the band launch into 'Stormbringer' the vibe hits you immediately with the funky bass lines and tight lead guitar courtesy of Soren Andersen drive the song home.















Last time Glenn Hughes was in Leeds he received sad news his Mother had died so tonight was emotional for him as he acknowledged, "Leeds is special to me,you didn't come her to see me, I came here to see you", before playing 'Might Just Take Your Life' with keyboard player, Jesper Bo Hansen helping out on screams.















'Getting Tighter' was dedicated to the "best guitar player ever, Tommy Bolin", who co-wrote it and unlike Hughes didn't escape the drug addictions. Soren Anderson was impressive on lead guitar, rocking the Blackmore riffs as if they were his own. Drummer, Ash Sheehan kept the groove and often shared a playful exchange with Hughes as they hit the last notes together.















The packed crowd cheered the classics and fist pumped the air as Hughes prowled the edge of the stage his bass thrust toward them. His vocals never faltered hitting notes across the range, the passage of time hasn't affected his singing that's for sure.















'Smoke On The Water' could be a seen as a cheesy inclusion but the band rattle it off with aplomb and the Leeds crowd love it just as much as ever; finishing off with a rousing double of 'Highway Star' and 'Burn'.















With more dates added for the Spring he's sure to win a new army of fans.




Review By Mark Bedford

Photographs by John Mather

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