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Jane Getter Premonition – Anomalia

(Esoteric Antenna/Cherry Red Records – 2021)

Jane Getter Premonitiion - Anomalia USE.

The award-winning Jane Getter is very much one of those Jazz-Rock Fusion guitarists who will either baffle you or draw you in with those avant-guard non-linear songs and instrumentals that can be a rather dark and negative at moments throughout the album.


It features a few notable artists as well who provide a helping hand or two such as Testament's Alex Skolnick, bass extraordinaire, Stu Hamm, Chad Wackerman (of Frank Zappa fame), Adam Holzman (Miles Davis & Steven Wilson) and even special guest, Vernon Reid from Living Colour who is featured on soaring but at the same time uneasy feel of 'Dissembler'.


Standouts include the opening instrumental 'Kryptonite' that sets the super standard of musicianshop to follow throught the record or what aboyt 'Alien Refugee' – especially for the guitar soloing; the acoustic and folky goes electric 'Answers' with Chanda Rule taking care of lead vocal duties; the beautiful 'Disappear' and delicately graceful harmonic filled closer 'Safe House' that sees her take it on alone acoustically in this delightful piece.


Decent enough but you've really got to be into this style of music in order to be fully immersed by the topsy-turvy unnerving vibes that are given off by many of the songs here.



By Glenn Milligan

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