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Tangerine Dream – Particles

(Invisible Hands Music – 2017)

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A return of the German instrumental pioneers since the passing of founder member, Edgar Froese that features new recordings on CD 1 (Muon) and then caught live on CD 2 (Tau). The line-up consists of Thornsten Quaeschning (Keyboards/Guitar); Ulrich Schnauss (Keyboards) & Hhshiko Yamane (Violin/Cello).


As in good ole TD style, it's atmospheric, spacey, epic and ongoing – the 1st track '4.00pm Session' clocks in at over 29 minutes and pretty awesome too. Sophisticated Hawkwind without outlandish guitars or vocals or maybe the West Berlin equivalent of Pink Floyd at their finest cosmic moment. Outstanding soundtrack like stuff – more likely it'll get used as well if this is anything to go by – they've done it a lot over the decades anyway.


It's all very similar in style to me – ambience and repeated riffs from the keyboards with drums and guitar thrown in a lot of the time with live highlights including 'Power Of The Rainbow Serpent'; the bouncy 80's vibed 'Dolphin Dance' or chilled closer 'Shadow And Sun'.


The type of stuff to crash out to in the dark after a hard day.




By Glenn Milligan

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