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Steve Howe – Homebrew 7

(HoweSound – 2021)

Steve Howe - Homebrew 7 USE.jpg

The 7th volume of a series from the guitarist of Yes from his own personal home demo collection with 21 cuts in all that are both with vocals or of the instrumental variety.


Highlights include 'Half Way' with its plenty of notes lit-up guitar solo work; the lovely tune that's almost like Celtic meets Prog of Cold Winds'; the tranquil-vibed 'A Lady She Is' and the humour of 'Devon Girl'.


Then there's the excellence of 'A Matter Of Fact'; the acoustic 'From Another Day' that puts me in mind of Pete Townshend due to the deepness of the lyrics and voice-likings & the cosmic but short 'Space Void'. Some really catchy stuff to be found on here that will grab you. I ought to get hold of Homebrew 1 to 6 if this album is anything to go on.


Plenty of styles to get excited about.



By Glenn Milligan

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