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Retrodelix – Soldier Of Love

(7 US Music – 2016)


Retrodelix from Mannheim, Germany play bizarre Kraut Rock and other material that is way more contemporary.


Now if you think early Roxy Music, Edgar Broughton at times and Atomic Rooster in a far out Bowie & Doors kinda way then you are somewhere close to the musical melting pot of these guys


Highlights include the opening ‘Better Stop it Now’ with that deathly organ that’s pure B-movie, the solo Beatle like ‘Trying The Gods’ , ‘Deborah’ that’s very weirdy Jim Morrison with strange reverb vocal effects, the Santana meets Doors of ‘Download Messiah’ and ‘Jimi’ about seeing Mr. Hendrix live live – a real tribute to the legend with bits of ‘Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)’ thrown in for good measures!


Then there’s the cracking closer in ‘Remembering The Alamo’ that’s like The Shadows gone Mexican whilst still under the influence of ‘The House Of The Rising Sun’.






By Glenn Milligan

Retrodelix, Soldier Of Love
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