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The Red Goes Black – Fire

(Hold On Music – 2018)

The Red Goes Black - Fire use.jpg

A soulful sounding 5 piece band from Brittany, France that have elements of funk and blues to them as well which was mixed by L.A. Producer, Ryan Gilligan on their home turf!


Love the Sly Stone'ish 'Life' featuring Lisa Kekaula of The Bell Rays; 'Shadow Dancer' that's like cheesey 70's Elton John meets T-Rex or the cookin' blues of 'Nobody But Me' with the Rhodes sounding piano on there.


Or what about the slow, stoner 60's like fuzz of 'Missing Light' and the closing 'I.T.N.O.G.' with Lisa again that's dirty, snazzy and addictive that has a Humble Pie meets The Who feel about it with the slamming 'n' riotous drum work and racing guitar soloing.


This is definitely feel-good factor music.



By Glenn Milligan

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