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Get Loose – S/T

(S/R – 2017)

Get Loose use.jpg

A warm, retro and cooking trio who take us on a late 60's & early 70's trip in the marvellous bluesy rock and more and immediately put me in mind of bands like Foghat, Iron Butterfly & Steppenwolf who come from Oxford, UK of all places.


They comprise of Lee Castle (Vocals/Guitar); Darren Castle (Drums/Percusssion/Vocals) and Dom Allen (Bass/Backing Vocals). Highlights of this just over 36 mins album include the gutsy opening 'Forgive Me' ; the traddy blues of 'Good Looking Woman'; the ballsy Dr. Feelgood meets Captain Beefheart of 'Harms Way' or the stick in your head riffery of the closing 'You Can Have My Love'.


A neat package.



By Glenn Milligan

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