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(S/R - 2016)


Not a Slayer related act, except for style maybe, this fivesome do coincidentally come from the same city of ol' LA.


Lead vocalist, Tommy Pintaric has an old school rant of a voice that stoops close to Tom Araya a lot of the journey, here along with the aggressive twin guitar thrash attack to suit. Travel a few doors in and these lads can however be caught trying a few tricks as well. Listen to 'Martial Law' and try and kid yourself that's not Iron Maiden under a false name. Mellow solos that suddenly strike back with a speed metal bludgeon and brutal chorus that bounce their soles up and down on your cranium make up a fearsomely familiar conglomeration but some are never too stale to keep one from revisiting.


Getting your studded armbands on to the triple beat slam of 'Six Walls' will shut you into the world of true metal for four-and-a-half minutes then spit you out, leaving you to try and squeeze your way back in for the next. The boys aren't scared to touch on softer grass either, with the Jethro Tull -tinted 'Martyr' and gives Tommy's range chance to show a creamy classic rock edge. Generous on instrumentals - there are four in all - Divine Intervention's only dent to the armour is not having existed in the day when this genre was worshipped under threat of death.


A definite lesson in a music scene that deserves to see resurrection any day.




By Dave Attrill


RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Cathedral, Monster Magnet & Testament.

Divine Intervention - Traveller
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