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Bioplan – Epipath + Ocular

(Layered Reality Productions – 2020)

Bioplan - epipath & ocular use.jpg

An album made up of 2 separate E.P.'s that is packed out with heavy synths and wailing and flowing guitar maestroness from beginning to end, courtesy of the Swedish born, Andi Kravljaca.


It's got that Steve Vai meets Joe Satriani kind of feel to it with choice cuts from 'Epipath' being the opening 'Ingress' the humourously named 'He's A Trainspotter' and Pink Floyd meets almost instrumental 90's prog metal of Atomic Era Cocktails' with even Hawkwind hints to be found too plus dance elements too.


Ocular comes on in a similar vein but seems very more wackier and experimental in style and at times a but unnerving to try and relax to with choice cuts being the chaotic but at the same time beautiful 'Permeant'; 'the abrasive chug-filled Inclement' and the closing 'Invective' (Retrologue Remix) that would be good in the closing credits of a 90's Sci-Fi B-Movie. This dude proves you can do so much more if you have an extremely creative musical brain and have no boundaries in sight.


Going where some daren't!



By Glenn Milligan

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