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H.E.A.T - Cambridge Junction, Tuesday 8th November, 2022

So here we are at Cambridge Junction awaiting to watch H.E.A.T who have their new album in tow, 'Force Majeure'. Unfortunately, there was hardly any queue outside which was disappointing. So many gigs are lately being picked from and it's a case of which gig we can afford to go to this month.

People just don’t have the money to go to as many as they used to. H.E.A.T come on stage and must have been disappointed with amount of fans in the venue since it wasn’t even half full but this didn’t affect the wow factor.

Straight away they grabbed you by the balls starting with 'Back To The Rhythm'. This high tempo track gave you a taste of what was to come with Kenny Leckremo and the band having so much fun on stage and interacting with the crowd.

As we went through the songs, Kenny and the whole band just gave it 1000%. Some fans were too busy on their mobiles which made for a couple of fun photos since Kenny jumped off the stage into the persons space and started to make sure she knew he was there. The look on her face was 'OMG! Kenny caught me and everyone is looking at me'.

Track after track, Kenny and the band where jumping all over the stage and getting the crowd to join in at every opportunity. This made it feel more personal. Along the way, Kenny did a very long 'Hey!' while the crowd trying as they might were unable to hold the note, except one guy (Pete Anns from the Rock band, 'B4') who carried on.

Even Kenny couldn’t keep up with Pete so started singing 'Hey Baby' with the band joining in along with all the congregation too. This made for one of the most random songs to fit in to a rock gig. Kenny mentioned several times how grateful the band are that fans had chosen to come and see them, and it means so much to them personally.

Without the fans there would be no H.E.A.T so thank you again.

By Paul 'Animal' Hampson

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