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Luna Kiss - Following Shadows

(Crowface Records – 2018)

Luna Kiss - Following Shadows USE.jpg

Coventry quartet, Luna Kiss supply alternative rock with an attitude propelled by inventiveness as opposed to fashion.


Nicely paced progressive tilted sounds amongst grittier rocky sections means there is time to appreciate the corner that Luna Kiss touch amidst. Subtle paced numbers such as 'Unfamiliar' and 'Take Her Away' play well in collage with 'Hold On', 'You Are' and 'Close'. The epic seventh track 'Tribulations' establishes how equally handy this lot are with acoustic strings as electric, while knowing when to apply each willowing little solo.


With an output that owes quite well to The Police at places, not least through vocalist Wil Russell, 'Following Shadows is a fantastic surprise from this seemingly craftsmanesque young UK outfit. Their debut full length platter shows Luna Kiss already past finding their feet after their previous E.P.'s over the preceding five years impressed many already.


Your turn to try.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Queens of the Stone Age & Muse.

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