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Steve Steinman – Take A Leap Of Faith

(S/R - 2021)

Steve Steinman - Take A Leap Of FaithUSE.jpg

This dude immediately reminds me of the recently late Meatloaf in both sound, musical style and arrangement and little wonder because he takes on lead role in 'The Meat Loaf Story' that toured up and down the UK last year.


A 7-track CD that some would refer to as a mini-album and clocks in at just over 35 minutes that opens with the driving title-track with its female backing choral vocals and supreme guitar solo there too. 'Going To Hell' reminds me of 'You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth' in the melody.


Other standouts include the heartfelt and it seems rather autobiographical 'I Don't Know About Love'; the uplifting 'Survive' or the epic rocker 'Never Leave A Lover (Behind)'. I strongly recommend this guy and I sure he will have got Mr. Aday's seal of approval too.



By Glenn Milligan

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