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Qoniak – Mutatio

(Hummus Records – 2020)

Qoniac – Mutatio use.jpg

Not the first Swiss instrumental act I've had the dubious fortune to finally encounter recently, I find myself struggling at least as much with this as with the offering by countrymen Convulsif.


Strictly not an attack on their nationality or associated musical genre in anyway, this one is unfortunately however pretty much an attack on my patience. Qoniak's sound is stripped down to just drums and keyboards and a cack-handed amalgam of rhythms and paces, with the synth samples starting to strain my ears after scarcely a minute of each of the eight tracks.


Second entry 'Coac' is a catchy techno bouncer of a number and about the only replayble cut despite an ever so slight sensation of this copy having been sent to the wrong address. Strictly speaking, I'm not against experimentalism but most other such acts I've heard often apply the chemicals together with the bunsen burner turned up substantially higher, rather than just simmering forth continual hashes of sounds and scarce if no direction to speak of, as what I have been subjected to here.


If you however tend to be the completist when it comes to the sort of styles that these two lads seemingly deal out, then f**k this write-up and get it bought.



By Dave Attrill

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