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Face Of Stone – Sex, Guns, Race And Money (E.P.)

(Black Grunge Records – 2020)

Face Of Stone -Sex Guns Race And Money (

A project put together by LA's Brad Schecter & Marc Palmer who blend their hard-hitting attributes on this five-song strong E.P.


It's harsh, abrasive and has a current chugging sound to it that culls in sounds of the last thirty years or so that a younger generation will relate to and will not alienate the older listeners too from the 80's or early 90's.


Highlights are the opening 'Hurry Up And Wait' that sets the standard from the start , 'Red Moon Sky' with it's powerful wailing chorus and underlying heavy-laden rhythm guitar work or the stoner meets Euro-metal feel of the closing 'Through The Wilderness' that looks at the lies, corruption and empowerment hell currently happening in the USA and also in the rest of the World.


A killer effort right here and I look forward to a full length album some day by this duo.



By Glenn Milligan

Check out the band's latest video:

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