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Fraymed – Out Of The Fire

(PMG Records – 2015)

Fraymed - Out Of The Fireuse.jpg

A band from New South Wales who were originally called '3 Blind Mice', who as you can probably gather by the name are a trio.


They consist of Mark Johnson (Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals); Pete Ball (Bass/Keyboaords/Vocals) and Gary Habgood (Drums) who pipe out this powerful piping album that has a handful of highlights including moderate tempoed by aggressive quirke of 'I'm Feeling Strange' that's followed up by the beaufil piano intro'd intriguing 'What You're Doing Now'.


Then there's 'Full Circle' with it's funky Doobie Brothers like riff at times; the Sabbathesque opening 'Feeding Time' that's nasty 'n' negative sounding for whatever reason – I think someone pissed him off! It's finished off with a lovely 80's like ballad that comes complete with those 'Stars on 45' smash clap sounds but has a rather nice acoustic guitar and piano vocal in the middle with it's epic


A great release indeed that totally grows on you.



By Glenn Milligan

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