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Oracle Sun – Machine Man

(Volcano Records And Promotions – 2020)

Oracle Sun - Machine Man USE.jpg

An album packed with full-on heavy metal and power metal from Lucca, Tuskany, Italy based band. They originally came to be in 2002 with only the rhythm section still intact from those days.


The line-up consists of Vocalist, Wild Steel (of Shadows Of Steel), Bassist, Alessandro Colar & Guitarist, Tommy Pellegrini (both of Shining Fury), Drummer, Frank Andiver (Labyrinth/Wonderland/Shadows Of Steel), Keyboardist, Alessio Pascucci (of Rainbo-Warriors) & Guitarist, Giacomo Paradiso (a Schecter Demonstrator).


Highlights include the opening fast-paced Helloweenish like 'Edge Of Life'; the very enjoyable 'Fallin' Time' on both a musical arrangement and vocal point of view; the thramming and ballsy title track 'Machine Man' with its proggy metal feel; the acoustic ad piano starting ballad 'Look Behind Me' that is big, orchestral and at times almost bombastic whilst closer 'Coming Back' is a future drum pummeling classic.


A good album.



By Glenn Milligan

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