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Paul Rodgers – Free Spirit

(Quarto Valley Records Inc. – 2018)

Paul Rodgers - Free Spirit USE.jpg

A marvellous sold out show at the Albert Hall, London on May 28th, 2017 that has acoustics to die for. Here Paul performs nothing but Free songs as a celebration of 50 years since the incarnation of the band with his sadly long-departed buddy, Paul Kossoff.


His voice is in absolutely fine form even at the end of a Tour where some guys are often worn out – then again Mr. Rodgers knows what he is doing, despite the height that his vocals can reach. The band are well... utterly brilliant and made up of Richard Newman (Drums); Ian Rowley (Bass); Gerard Louis (Keyboards) and Peter Bullick (Guitar) who nail everything note perfect. It's been a great tour and thanks every one of them on stage personally.


Tons of stuff on here to get excited about – well they were one of the best UK bands of the late 60's/early 70's; that include knockout renditions of 'Little Bit Of Love' that opens the show; the always excellent 'My Brother Jake'; 'Travellin' In Style' with Mr. R on acoustic guitar or obvious live staples like 'The Hunter or 'Fire & Water'.


Then there's a backdrop of great pix and footage of Free during 'All Right Now' that he lets the audience since chorus of towards the end by themselves. The blues of 'Walk In My Shadow' is bulging with great harmonica playing from the legendary Frontman, with the show capped off with the lesser heard 'Catch A Train'.


A phenomenal concert indeed and he can still spin and throw a microphone stand too! It comes with a CD of the show too with tour booklet and digipack as well!



By Glenn Milligan

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