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Hurricane On Saturn – Killing Field

(S/R – 2020)

Hurricane On Saturn - Killing Field USE.

As they say themselves, they are electronic rock and metal who cross a few borders old and new with elements of Euro Metal, Symphonic Metal, Rap Metal, Nu-Metal and more who grace our CD players via Italy.


They are made up of Maydx & Dakm (Both on Vocals), Antares (Guitars), Rastaban (Bass) & Menkib (Drums). The album was mastered in Milan, by Carlo Camera & mixed by Evan Rodaniche (Powerman5000/Cage9) in Los Angeles, California.


The songs are cleverly complex with a lot of energy, plenty happening throughout with songs like the opening the atmospheric starting 'Among The Shadows'; the questioning 'The Weight Of The Sky'; 'T.F.W' that stands for 'This F*ck*ng World' that many of us can identify with right now' or the amazing epic ballad meets rap rocker 'I'm On My Own' that is quite a contrast to the rest of what has passed into the ears proving these guys can really sing well too that is definitely the standout on the entire album – no wonder it became a single!


Then there's the similar almost balladish 'Everytime' with some wondrous piano-playing or the closing 'We Hate' that has all these cool riffs in it - imagine Vince Clarke & Dave Stewart on Acid and that's just on the outset.


Hurricane On Saturn are definitely a band putting me in mind of a melting pot of acts like a male fronted-Evanescence, Combichrist, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Skindred and Mordred all rolled into one. Sounds crazy right but it really works so, so, well!


I cannot wait to hear more on them in the next few months – I reckon these guys could get pretty big!



By Glenn Milligan

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