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The Grey Agents – Last Generation

(S/R – 2018)

The Grey Agents - Last GenerationUSE.jpg

A killer group that features Brian Cottrill with this being the second album from the West Virginia band whereby a lead guitarist position has been change due to fate by that of a Saxophonist making it more Bruce than Tom like via Phil Wyatt who has a great set of pipes too.


The other three members being John Farmer, David Seamon and Bob Workman who between them give a top quality album with choice songs in my opinion being the Petty meets Springsteen of 'The Underdog'; the joyful and uptempo positivity of 'This Train' and the duetting 'What A Great Day'.


Then there's 'The Murder Farm (Hammer To The Head) that Brian also features on his acoustic solo album 'Through The Keyhole' (also reviewed elsewhere on the site); 'Soon You're Gonna See Things My Way' with the deliciously bluesy piano solo.


Bang it up on the stereo!



By Glenn Milligan

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