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Bahboon – Genjin Attack

(Little Rex Queen Records – 2018)

Bahboon - Gengin Attack use.jpg

A healthy dose of Stoner Rock at just over 34 minutes who are based in Japan who really bawl it out to us with hot heavy slabbing deeop riffs in every cut.


There was no band like this there so it was meant to be who consist of Shohey Suyama (Guitar/Vocals); Yasuhiro Shimizu (Bass) and Chihiro Takahashi (Drums/Percussion) who succeed in achieving some deep noted groovin tunes on this album from 'No Carb' to 'Naked' with tracks like 'Invader Seventeen' and 'Doppo' in-between.


Okay, the vocals at times are rather buried ion the mix plus the pronunciation is hard to make out on occasions but I'll let them off since the arrangements are killer. Hopefully coming to a Stoner Festival near you. In fact, they came to the UK in 2017 and played 17 gigs in as many days – no mean feat that!


Boom it out there!



By Glenn Milligan

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