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Mike Tramp – Local Authority, Sheffield, Saturday 13th April, 2019

In Local Authority, the sister venue of Corporation was a lone star (no not the Country band of the said name) in the form of the Danish frontman, Mike Tramp who many may remember as the singer of White Lion and later Freak Of Nature. Tonight Mr. T plays a long show all in acoustic format to a pretty packed room.

Mike Tramp 4.jpg

The support act had not turned up so Mike started his show at the earlier time of 8.30pm telling us that he'd not toured like this for a few years and always likes to play Sheffield. It was a wide selection of songs that have been culled from his 11 solo albums and some of the well known hits from his White Lion days. So why did I not place a set list up? Well basically this guy has been at it for so long that he works off the cuff and does what he feels like doing at the time – unless he has it full ingrained into his memory. You never can tell with artists of this calibre can you?

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Mike made use of some amazing choral effects on his voice that created a larger harmonious sound when needed and sounded magnificent as well. In between songs he talked about the fact that he's glad it's not the 80's anymore or just like the 80's because of the #metoo movement since it would be a case of “How old is the girl in the dressing room?”, since so much went on at times – not with Mike of course, mind!

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The man asked us what this called Brexit was, laughing that every time he brings it up the audience groans about it and don't have much of a clue either what the hell it all is – it's no different at this show either – lol! As my buddy, Steve Froggatt said, he didn't get too political about it like the way the rest of Europe are talking about it – well that's how the media portrays it anyway!

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He said he tries to change up one of the old White Lion numbers since it's like a weight on his back a bit in style and play it a different way each night joking that this would be the last changed version of it. He performed a beautiful song called 'Cobblestone Street' about how things change especially in his home city of Copenhagen which is something every one of us can identify with in our own area. The fans were totally with him throughout and sang along to many songs including many solo numbers I am pleased to say too.

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You knew when Mr. Tramp is going into the home run territory due to the fact that he delivers some classic White Lion favourites that include the likes of the fabulous 'Wait' and 'When The Children Cry' to rapturous applause. Steve said that he loves hearing the old stuff done acoustically which we can all agree on there. My good friend, Karolyn Jepson said that she also loved seeing him play and that it was cool that he plays all the classic White Lion stuff on acoustic guitar too with 'Tell Me' being her favourite.

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His performance came across effortless and he was in a fine form of a voice too. He even thanked the lighting and sound engineer for doing such a great job which was really nice of him. Afterwards he came out to meet the fans. Such a great guy!



By Glenn Milligan

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