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JW-Jones – High Temperature

(Solid Blues Records – 2017)

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This guy is a kicking contemporary blues guitarist/vocalist from Canada who is a real force to be reckoned with – cool and slick to say the least.


Plenty of great numbers to get your ears around on here with highlights including the Rollling Stones like opener, 'Price You Pay' that's followed up with the brilliantly duetted 'How Many Hearts' (with Jaida Dryer) and the joyous souled-up number that is 'Murder In my Heart For The Judge'.


Then later you'll find the tongue in cheek humorous negative sound positive of 'Same Mistakes' – him being one of them as the lyrics state and the autobiographical sounding 'Where Do You Think I Was', while the instrumental closer 'Wham' features a sweet bit of Chuck Berry guitar riffing.


Good stuff.




By Glenn Milligan

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