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Ashes Arise - Resurgence From Oblivion

(S/R – 2018)

Ashes Arise - Resurgence From Oblivion U

All-girl and death-metal are definitely not two sets of words that often show up on one sheet of paper. Ashes Arise are sure to rip that book up and burn it in the fires below.


In fact, this part-French, part-US threesome sound better than most of their many male counterparts with their combination of crushing blackened anger and beautiful lingering choruses.


Switching between extreme and clean vocal modes has always been a major favourite of mine in the metal field so tracks such as 'Countess', 'Obsidian Evil Sleepwalker' and 'Tornado of Devastation' with its haunting intro already earn a repeat play before I get round to doing this review.


Wavy guitar sustains and traditional speed metal drumming laced with progressive outbreaks squirts the substance juice in that it soaks throughout with flavour. A great combination of nations behind a great combination of elements with proven results.


These Ashes are Arising and still quite hot by the looks of it.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Slayer, Emperor & Nightwish.

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