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Angel @ The Iridium, New York City, USA

April 18th, 2019

My introduction to Angel was a teen oriented, late 1970’s era film called Foxes. The band had a brief cameo yet they were memorable. Their long locks, pure white stage clothes and snippet of music was enough to interest those who were not familiar with them initially.


Besides what teen or twenty something music fan did not incorporate the ecstasy of rock concerts in their lives? It certainly was a big part of my younger days and in fact is still a regular occurrence.

Seeing the band again at The Iridium gave me a new appreciation for them.Two things about the Angel show-they still look and sound damn good.

Angel 15use.jpg
Angel 4use.jpg
Angel 13use.jpg
Angel 3use.jpg
Angel 10use.jpg
Angel 8use.jpg
Angel 17use.jpg
Angel 16use.jpg
Angel 2use.jpg
Angel 11use.jpg
Angel 1use.jpg
Angel 5use.jpg
Angel 7use.jpg
Angel 12use.jpg

By Dawn Belotti

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