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Rockstar Frame – Stand Up Jump 'N' Fly

(Volcano Records – 2021)

Rockstar Frame - Stand Up Jump N Fly use

Sleazy Cock Rocking goodness from Italy give it all they've got on this new release of theirs which totally bounces out of your speakers.


These Italians comprise of Leonard F. Guillan (Vocals), Ian Darrell (Guitar), Ronam Destefani (Bass) & Max Klein - Drums and have some great songs to wrap your tabs around that include the opening 'If Not The End' with Mr. G using his big throaty harsh vocals especially on the chorus where he holds notes for a real long time, not to mention it having an addictive chugging rhythm riff.


A few cuts in you will be delighted with 'Hypnotized Fools' with the uplifting bzzing melody and cool key change for the chorus and plenty of cowbell in this cracking number too. 'Beyond The Fear ' is quite the comparison – a ballad that starts up on piano starting and dare I say is very Celine Dion meets Eurovision. Then what about the brutal and scary sounding 'Like A Monster' or the expetionally nice closer that is a Southern Rock and Gospel delight going by the name of 'Sunshine In The Dark'.


Get your exercises done to this!



By Glenn Milligan

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