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Evilizers - Solar Quake

(Punishment 18 Records – 2021)

Evilizers - Solar Quake use.jpg

Previously known as The Priest Killers, this Italian fivesome might probably not only have dropped the name in their transition from a Priest covers act but to also avoid giving away how much influence of their favourite Brit metal idols lives on in their own original material.


That said, not as much as you'd expect, at least certainly not to the degree that Primal Fear do. Evilizers seem more inspired by all things San Franciscan and fast if most of their eleven tracks have anything to go by. Edgy, eighties speed with sharp twin guitars and drumming tighter than 18inch waist jeans on a sumo wrestler are scarcely unwelcome around here. Olde-Worlde aggression as vended from the slots of 'Solar Quake', 'U.T.B.', 'Earth Die Screaming' '' Terror Dream' and' 'Holy S**t' are evidently cut to satisfy.


There is a smart variation in pace, as highlighted by the pounding of' Call Of Doom' with a guitar crunch that sounds like several classic riffs I won't spoil the plot by mentioning upfront. 'Shiver At The Fate' finds them attempting a ballad which they bring off to very polished effect with a bluesy tilt and attractive seventies trad metal effort applied.


Topped by appetising solos that are short and never stray outside their length, this second album by Evilizers might still do little to appease originality sticklers in the end but they have thrown their inspirations around the table rather than taken their cue purely from one band.





By Dave Attrill

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