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Dead Venus – Bird Of Paradise

(Rockstar Publishing – 2019)

Dead Venns - Bird of Paradise use.jpg

A Swiss trio that formed in 2014 and made up of Seraina Telli (Vocals/Piano/Acoustic Guitar); Mike Malloth (Drums) & Andre Gartner (Bass). Their frontlady was the voice of Surrilium as well as having a solo project but then decided on forming her own unit.


It's a band that are a strange one to describe because they have a folk meets classical metal vibe at times with a slightly off-centre unnervingness about them. At the same time you also discover some intriguing melodic arrangements where they incorporate keys and notes that send you off balance. It's definitely an album that you cannot fully relax to by any means.


Imagine if Tori Amos got together musically with Epica in a Beth Hart and almost unpoppy, uncommercial Alanis Morrisette and a slight hint of Kate Bush as well as blending in almost Irish sounding vocal tones amongst some Euro-Metal teasings along this album journey. It shouldn't work but it does in its own strange way with some beautiful piano interludes to be found too.


Highlights on here include the beautiful title track 'Birds Of Paradise'; the Coors like 'Human Nature' the acoustic and vocal starting 'The Siren's Call' that has its heavy moments and the short closing number called 'The Flying Sand' with it's Cleo Laine like opening scat vocals and light accompaniment. The album takes a bit to get your head around but then you settle in with it and you really appreciate it for the clever masterpiece it really is.


Interesting stuff indeed and something rather different too.



By Glenn Milligan

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