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Overdrivers - Rockin' Hell

(Rock Of Angels Records – 2016/2020)

Overdrivers - Rockin Hell use.jpg

I'm sorry did someone just drop me an AC/DC album off with the wrong sleeve? This French foursome had me going even more than a certain German American five-piece did most led Zeppelin fans across the world decades before.


Overdrivers drive over everything from the start and destroy every road barrier and red traffic light even a tiny bit in their way. Rocketing rough and ready anthems are their strict speciality, with sharp, acerbic old school solos that on occasion last almost as long as Iron Maiden's.


'She Hides A Big Packet', 'Bertha Rattenfold', 'Hot Driver', 'Dirty Girls Island' and 'Rock Your Life', while being the songs most likely to get them sued by Angus and the lads, are the lasting legacy of a style that will never be told to stay at the back and be quiet. Vocalist Adrien's Brian Johnson-esque delivery is a highly creamy icing on this already scrumptious hard rock cake - one I highly recommend everyone comes for a huge slice of.





By Dave Attrill

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