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Stuckfish – Calling

(Sonic Portrait Records – 2018)

Stuckfish - Calling USE.jpg

Wel what strikes you straight away from this album is the magesticness of the prominent progressive styled Rock & Metal.


You are immediately greeted with the 'Hmmms' in the opening 'Calling' and then sharp and precise vocal lines that are in the same class to be found in bands like Helloween, Edwin Dare or Queensyche.


You then learn that the two guy behind this project are former members of an 80's NWOBHM called band called Overkill (Vocalist, Philip Stuckley & Guitarist, Adrian Fisher) who come from Wallsend-On-Tyne. It's a marvellous listen from beginning to end with plenty on offer to take your ears on a riveting audio journey.


Highlights include 'Brave Man' with its chugging gutsy riffs and bright melodic chorus; the deep-minded 'The Man I Have Become'; the positive and forward looking 'Breath' and the amazing 'Better To Run' . A lovely lead-out in 'Something To Believe In' that has some gorgeous piano and orchestral parts enclosed..


Rather brilliant.



By Glenn Milligan

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