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Siamese Smile - False Awakenings

(S/R – 2017)

I seem to be cursed by a habit of doing things and tools at the moment otherwise I would have picked up Siamese smiles debut album right beneath the previous disc.


Coming after recently reviewing Utah outfit Montreal Blue's offering, this German fivesome are like a fearsome continuation at first and even more ferocious as you get in.


The aggressive hardcore slam of 'Sleep Deprive' assaults out of nowhere after the ambient prog-alternative of the three preceding cuts and with the trippy nu-metal rhythm of 'The Unfamiliar' (a rather misleading title there) you are inevitably stumped as to where the rest of the album will head. The two-part title song tries to drag its heel at the start but finally melts into a glorious slice of modern progressive melody by the end of '...II : Continuum'.


In absolute contrast 'Falling Sensation' flies past at full metal pace, with some further prog elements popped comfortably in the middle. Lock-tight twin guitars and sailing Kroeger-esque vocals, plus some proudly-influenced songwriting add up to a vehement equation between them and the answer to the sum is of course this snappy little album. Building it up big over the last eight years, Siamese Smile are big in cement with little windows left open for wind to get in through.


Yet even more of Germany's best, making noises for you.




By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nickelback, Linkin Park & Drowning Pool.

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