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Lynch Mob – Corporation, Sheffield, Friday 10th November, 2017


Set List: She's Evil But She's Mine/River Of Love/Believers Of The Day/Main Offender/When Heaven Comes Down/Into The Fire/The Hunter/Testify/Where Do You Sleep At Night/Mr. Scary/Wicked Sensation/Mr. Jekyll And Hyde/Sweet Sister Mercy.


Well the last time I witnessed these guys was in a way warmer climate – over at Englewood, Florida, USA last year – April to be exact – so what a difference to see them in Sunny Sheffield (okay it was in some parts of the day – albeit brief).















Up on stage first were Drummer, Jimmy D'Anda and Bassist, Sean McNabb, followed by George Lynch himself. I've got to say that I didn't recognise him for a while since he had his baseball cap tipped now, grey hair and a Tom Morello look going on (thanks for that one Dawn Bellotti) as opposed to his flash 80's look most of us have become used to. Last but by no means lest was good ole Oni Logan – one of the finest Rock vocalist you could ever wish to hear and one of the coolest dudes ever!















It started rather shakey at first with a few sound problems but got going well about 4 or 5 songs in after the vocals were turned up – it was then an amazing flick of the switch and full steam ahead. A lot of banter was to be had from the crowd but a pro like Oni can totally hold his own up there with the rest of the band, especially, Sean laughing at the commenting and shouting from a few punters in the well-packed audience. I am guessing the fans got the songs they were screaming for now and again since they seemed happy with the deliverance anyway.















This was a perfectly balanced set of songs tonight that featured both old and new Lynch Mob songs and enough Don penned songs to keep the hardcore Dokken fans happy. Loved the dual soloing that was going on between Sean and George in 'Mr. Scary' – that was a pretty cool spectacle to see. Oni hardly keeps still for a second and he wears you out just watching him, while Jimmy up their on the kit slams that beat down for all its worth with the timing of what can only be described as a human metronome. The guy is an original BulletBoy too.

Highlights of the 13 song strong set included the big hair classic rock of 'River Of Love'; the iconic Dokken singalong guaranteed cut 'Into The Fire'; 'Wicked Sensation' from the album of the same name; the pumping ballad that goes by the name of 'The Hunter'; brand new number that is the funk-filled sinister 'Mr, Jekyll And Mr. Hyde'; the bluesy 'Where Do You Sleep At Night' and closing stomper 'Sweet Sister Mercy'.


A decent show overall that kept getting better. Guaranteed to tear the roof off any venue and leave folk astounded at their well structured flamboyant and fun-filled songs.




By Glenn Milligan

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