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Plastic Tears – Angels With Attitude

(City Of Lights Records – 2018)

Plastic Tears - Angels With Attitude use

Sleaze from Helsinki, Finland that put me so much in mind of Hanoi Rocks in both vocal and musical style too – who also hail from the same place.


They blast off with 'Dark Messenger' which is a bit of a mindset of the female metaphor in a way that sets the stall off from the start of how the rest of the album will be in just over 37 mins. It's all very in your face and full of fast rockers like 'Midnight Date' about a girl who loves her rock 'n' roll or 'Rhythm Rider' about fantasies.


Then there's 'Headless Army' about people being controlled by high-power hypocrites and the bonus last cut 'Universal Kid' about being all over the world on your own. Slap on the make up, bright scarves and glitter.


A real grower of an album.



By Glenn Milligan

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