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Iron Angel – Emerald Eyes

Napalm Records / Mighty Music – 2020)

Iron Angel - Emerald Eyes use.jpg

Full on old-school thrash metal that ticks all the needy boxes on this 11 track album that has fast as hell riffery, slamming million miles an hour drumming and ferocious throaty shouty vocals.


These Germans comprise of mainstay vocalist, Dirk Schroder alongside Robert Altenbach (Guitar), Nino Helfrich (Guitar), Didy Mackel (Bass) and Maximilian Behr (Drums) with highlights including the opening 'Sacred Slaughter'; 'What We're Living For' with it's rather hooking chorus section; 'Fiery Winds Of Death' that has a Priesty like feel to it and the thunderous 'Bridges Are Burning' .


A unit that originally formed in 1980, who judging by this, show no sign of slowing down yet. It's harsh, brash and unrelenting from beginning to end with no ballads guaranteed!



By Glenn Milligan

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