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Bad Touch – Kiss The Sky

(Marshall Records – 2020)

Bad Touch - Kiss The Sky USE.jpg

So I slipped it on and thought a track or two in, 'Holy F*ck – how good is this album!?' Bad Touch have nailed it yet again and now with the added bonus of gospel like vocals that come courtesy of Producer, Nick Brine as well as Folk Singer, Katy Dann.


Every song is epic and they grab you instantly without the need for you to warm to them after a few listens. The Kiki Dee cover 'I've Got The Music In Me' is simply immense and I can't wait to hear what she thinks to their interpretation of it. At times, it's as though Ronnie, Keith & Jimmy have joined them in the studio at times because this is A-Game Guitar-work when it comes to high calibre rock and blues groove with 'Strut' being a great example.


They are so in the pocket musically and vocally to say the least and on occasions it has the elements of the 1st two Black Crowes albums due it's fabulous authentic production and overall Southern vibe that flows throughout the duration of the CD that comes across in a cut like the opening rocker 'Come A Little Closer' or later on 'Sun And The Moon' that I think will be an epic concert showpiece.


We are even treated to some bright and brilliantly played Piano, Rhodes and Hammond work on here that comes courtesy of Bob Fridzema, like in the soaring, fantastically vocalled 'Can You Save Me' with it's cooking bluesy moments that reminds me of The Allman Brothers Band or the closing building up 'Something About Your Kiss' that has a really strong Native American aura to it.


Other highlights include the fabulous Southern Rock filled 'Let Go'; the absolutely beautiful ballad 'See You Again' that's obviously about someone special that is missed . You certainly can't get 'Too Much Of A Good Thing' with the Bat Touch Guys certainly proving the point right here and now! Be sure to listen out for the mention immense string and brass sections as well that have been arranged by Andrew Griffiths and pack in an extra few punches, adding to the fat of a great tune.


'Kiss The Sky' literally has everything you need and more! Stevie, Rob, Daniel, Michael and George have done themselves proud and I can't wait for many of these these songs to be performed live! Is it too early yet to call it 'Album Of The Year'? Personally, I don't think so because this will definitely take some matching, nevermind beating!


Utterly essential!



By Glenn Milligan

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