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Sawyer Path - Toxic Temptation

(S/R – 2018)

Sawyer Path - Toxic Temptation USE.jpg

Noisy Canadians, Sawyer Path bring out a sound I'm not all that used to hearing from their country although too used to it from other enough places aplenty.


Aggressive melodic screamcore has no restrictions however and while I have to admits it's a touch and go taste from my side, this Montreal fivesome meld their inspiration s into a pleasurable listen. Nirvana, Drowning Pool, Killswitch Engage, Nickelback and Biohazard are all balanced on the measuring scales for these eight angry-as-frig tracks.


'Rise From the Ashes', 'Blind', 'Every Little Thing', 'Crawl' and 'My Medication' are corporately-cut metal numbers but get everything placed in neatly with a nice clear distinction between verse and chorus and some satisfyingly rapid vocal mode switching. Grindy, progressive twin guitars and a sprinkling of solos enough to satisfy and also not annoy add to an album that's accessible from both sides. Sawyer Path should be proud of this creation, even if this style of sound is typically more suited to the live stage.


Get it played and know what you going to be in for.



By Dave Attrill

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