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Watercrisis - Sleeping Sickness

(Volcano Records – 2018)

Water Crisis- Sleeping SicknessUSE.jpg

Spanish four-piece, Watercrisis arrived with a debut album burning hot on the heels of their introductory E.P.


An interesting amalgam of stoner, prog and alternative, this one does however not pick up very quickly on my meter. There are some notable bones to chew at with a flavour of attitude glazed on the top. This unfortunately ruined by a ratio of rickety stop-go structures with guitar arrangements that seem glued together in a lot of parts, some only cured by a few swish bluesy solo breaks.


Singer, Caterina Salzano doesn't come across as the worst for the job but her seventies punk strains do themselves struggle to fit the space in these numbers. While passing by at a speedy twenty nine and a half minutes, Watercrisis strangely sludge in, stop around then stumble off again, nearly unnoticed.


Decent live material but a difficult listen at home for most but the stoner-obsessive.



By Dave Attrill

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