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Styx – Live At The Orleans Arena Las Vegas

(Eagle Vision / Universal Music Group – 2016)















Not just a concert in itself as this shows the guys from Styx both on and onstage since there are loads of interviews so folk get to know what really goes on in the life of a Rock 'N' Roll Band!


You can watch the concert with or without the interviews inter-cutting – your choice people. Great to see words from the Lighting Manager, Libby Gray as well who shows us inside the bus they all live and tour on, not to mention original Styx bassist Chuck Panozzo making an appearance on 'Fooling Yourself'.


Elsewhere you have Tommy Shaw soloing in the the audience much to their joy during 'Superstar'; Former Eagle's member, Don Felder on stage and rocking it up for 'Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)' and Lawrence Gowan camping it up ad parading the stage with killer lead vocals to match on 'Rockin' The Paradise'. It's all well choreographed with lines from a band member perfectly leading into each song too – let's see those phones light up – cue to 'Light Up' – you get the picture.


The stage-set is off the chain with all the video screen action throughout the show, not to mention a stage above the drums too. Then there's Lawrence's revolving keyboards and on this night due to it being filmed, the audience lit up well too. It amazes them how some fans can come night after night – “Don't they have jobs?” Tommy quips – lol.


Also, there are bonus interviews where you find out what they do and/or like to do when at home, how the business has changed over the years via Manager, Charlie Bruscoe, a chat with Phil Collen of Def Leppard and more. This is a cool DVD for sure that Styx fans and those intrigued of tour workings, not to mention that classic rockers will love overall the World over.


Musically and Vocally Top Dollar Viewing and Listening Pleasure!



By Glenn Milligan

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