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Kings Of Dust – S/T

(Shock Records – 2020)

Kings Of Dust USE.jpg

A crème de-la-creme Metal act from Phoenix, Arizona who released this solid debut at the start of the year which I sadly somehow missed at that moment in time – now to put that factor right.


King Of Dust comprise of Vocalist, Michael Thomas Beck (Scairy Hairy/Red Dragon Cartel/Leatherwolf), Bassist/BV's, Greg Chaisson (Badlands/Surgical Steel/Steeler/Red Dragon Cartel), Lead Guitarist/BV's, Ryan McKay (Crash Street Kids) & Drummer, Jimi Taft (Surgical Steel).


Highlights include the opening 'Like An Ocean' that is an uplifting galloping, great singalong, future rock classic; 'My Piece Of Mind' that's a beautiful moderate number; the racing and killer bass running 'Ugly' and 'Ya, That's Me' that comes across as kinda like the warm meaty big hair rock era of Saxon and 70's era Kiss in one.


Then there's 'By You' that is alarmingly brilliant instrumental, delta blues complete with white noise and crickets chirping and the closing 'Keep The Spirit Alive' with its ballsy Sabbathy life riffery that has quirky jazzy spirit.


No doubt a new album will be ready some time in 2021 – until then, keep spinning this!



By Glenn Milligan

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