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Non Serviam - Le Coeur Bat

(Code666 Records – 2021)

non serviam use.jpg

The interestingly-named Non Serviam serve up an interesting assortment of sounds styles and influences.


Sadly, this French outfit do it in a less than appealing way, with the ball flying around the court too much as supposed to at the player on the other side. A number of substantial ambient moments sit around the dark sludge-infested industrial metal dirge, and some haunting male and female vocal whispers scattered about the corners sweeten the flavour slightly.


Unfortunately the heavier side is is heavily overwrought, and more than half of these tracks sadly struggle to show any direction after about two minutes apiece. Strictly essential for the experimentalists out there, I however prefer something that sound favours music and structure than noise in ratio.


One that serves better in other places, sadly not quite as immediately appetising at this end of the table.



By Dave Attrill

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