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The Refusers – Wake Up America

(S/R – 2016)


A Seattle band that aren’t grunge based – thank God for that as these guys are good ole hard rock with strong riffs, some Hammond organ thrown in and solid guitar work.


What I especially like about these guys is that they tell the truth about what’s wrong with the state of the USA – this ain’t no patriotic smoke and mirrors bullsh*t – this tells it like it is as many of us see it from the outside looking in.


Take for example the title track ‘Wake Up America’ that talks about the Government being trashed; ‘U R What U Eat’ looking at the state of people there; ‘Go Back To Sleep’ that looks at the sheep-like society or ‘Hang The Bankers that needs no explanation really.


Lasting truthful lyrics found throughout!




By Glenn Milligan

The Refusers, Wake Up America, Seattle, USA, Self Released, 2016, Hammond Organ, Album
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