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Silent Winter - Empire Of Sins

(Pride & Joy Music – 2021)

Silent Winter - Empire Of Sins use.jpg

Greek Symphonic Metallers, Silent Winter have had already one album and EP to their belt, by this stage of our encounter with them.


Making up for our (own) disappointment, this sophomore long player is a treat even if the format is hardly unfamiliar. Either way, 'Empire of Sins' nine tracks set out all the pieces professionally as you'd expect and the substance is still hugely immediate. The resultant sound comes equipped with enjoyable vocal harmonies in the vein of German giants, Gamma Ray and Primal Fear and an overall feel of most notable Euro Viking Metal outfits doing the rounds.


''Gates of Fire', 'Shout', 'Mirror' and the classy speedfest of 'Dragons Dance' provide us with pleasantly piercing choruses and smooth solos that cook the speakers with Maiden-flavoured seasoning, while the slow-paced gothic exquisitry of 'Where The River Flows' acts as a timely mid-way breather.


One that goes on the good side of predictable, Silent Winter prove more than worth checking out the preceding catalogue for. Once Covid has cleared the live musical waves once more, it is hoped that these guys might get called up for a festival over here or so.


Excellent work Greece.



By Dave Attrill

VERY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Helloween, Rhapsody, Dragonforce & Kamelot.

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