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Rusty Nail – Running Out Of Ideas

(S/R – 2015)


A Rock And Metal 3-piece from the Stockholm area of Sweden who come across very serious about what they do as it’s very sophisticated arrangements with guitar solos to match.


There’s elements of bands like UFO (found in the title track ‘Running Out Of Ideas’ especially) and other  in here which will give them a worldwide appeal no doubt.


Other cooking numbers include the hard rockin’ ‘Light The Fuse’; the fun-loving 12-bar based rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Killing Time’ and the orchestral ballad ‘The One I Knew’.


Good stuff indeed!




                                         By Glenn Milligan

Rusty Nail, Running Out Of Ideas, Self Released, 2015, Stockholm, Swedish, Swedes, Swedish, UFO, Album
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