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Void Vator - Dehumanized (E.P.)

(WURMgroup – 2017)

Void Vator - Dehumanized use.jpg

Los Angeles has, for so many an eon been revered as the US of A's capital of hard rock. Quite unsurprisingly it's still justified in holding that mantle, at least where lairy foursome Void Vator can help.


This punchy mini album heavily advertises what these lads have to offer. Rollicking yet robust twin guitars and modern slightly nineties flavoured vocals sound to serve all purposes, with palpable diversity amidst the five tracks. Set heavily against a traditional metal backdrop, there's some tingly blues and 70s noises and smooth vocal and chord sustains with the singer hosting a likeable Chris Cornell edge.


Between and around balls-out rockers 'Time Has Come' , 'No Return' and driving power pop sludger 'Far Away' you hear a lot of sounds you will be at home with but with their sturdy, soaring hooks and solid formation, the door is wide open for expansion.


Nice start indeed.



By Dave Attrill

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