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Cobra Cult – Second Gear

(GMR Music – 2021)

Cobra Cult - Second Gear use.jpg

You just know this band are gonna be bloody good if they come from Stockholm, Sweden before you even press play and yet again I was proved right I am pleased to say.


As soon as it cranks up you are thinking Motorhead immediately and like fellow Swedes, Hot Breath, they also have female lead vocals – in fact in 'Sell Your Soul' her perfect match drinks Whisky like Mr. Kilmister did! Before I get carried away with telling you about more songs, let me say that their line up consists of Johanna Lindhult (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Thomas Jonsson (Bass/Backing Vocals), Carl Johan ”Sillen” Sillén (Drums) & Anders Martinsgård – Guitar.


Now I got that sorted, I must say that you utterly love 'Run For You Life' that ticks all the boxes of needed to qualify as full-on, heavy-duty 'Rock 'N' Roll' which is the same that can be said for fellow contenders 'Hey!' or ballsy footstomping, heads down closer 'Hot The Stage'. It all clocks in at just over 24 mins for 8 songs but a marvellous uplifting listen it is from beginning to end with powerful drumming, gutsy riffs and clear as crystal killer vocals.


Make the windows rattle and fall out in under half an hour by playing this beauty nice 'n' loud!



By Glenn Milligan

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