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Sprague Dawley - Missing Piece

(Secret Entertainment – 2018)

Sprague Dawley - Missing Piece USE.jpg

Nice to know that people out there are still doing the grunge thang from time to time and with due authenticity.


Nice also to know it is a Scandinavian outfit doing it as well for once in a while. Loud Finnish trip, Sprague Dawley have done more than one album full of their fiery alternative sound already but without the story so far I've managed to pick up the plot at the second chapter. Chugging nineties saturated strings with sweet lead guitar bends and stretched chord sustains are still the hallmark of the style today.


As are the angsty melodic rasps of frontman, Janne Nurmi who have a pure if not pretty familiar output that place tracks like 'My Town', 'Where The Hell', 'Leave Me Alone', 'If Forever' and 'Another Day' as firmly in the shelf marked brand new. A wonderfully worthy trip to this sound and as a guy who admits to liking both classic and alternative sounds, this one is set for a generous number of repeat to come.


The missing piece in the puzzle has quite evidently been discovered.



By Dave Attrill

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