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Fool's Paradise - Monopoly Society

(S/R – 2017)

French melodic metallers Fool's Paradise have taken a fair old time to get it up in the sky, having been around since 2007.


With a debut four-tracker three years ago that boasted of their classic British metal influences, their sizzling full lengther sees them shift gears to the more progressive side instead. Driving with metal tyres still well and truly locked to their wheels, slamming opener 'Overloaded' screens shows their slightly more aggressive nature alongside a lot of other established also-rans.


Singer Anthony Fournier snarls and croons his way from verse up to chorus in a clichéd yet amiable eighties fashion and the formula remains quite intact as they storm into the Metallica-plastered 'Partners in Crime'.


Mellowing out for 'Heavens Image', Anthony adopts a momentarily Pete Steele side before the  track takes off into a trad metal assault. Twin guitarists Olivier Mevaere and Stephane Lalan know their work as they whirl out riffs and solos to suit all speeds alongside each other across meaty prog metal tirades like 'Misunderstood' and 'Agony Within' with a delectable seventies acoustic topping.


Ending with fourteen minute plus Memories of the Night, a four-stage epic with more than a little Fates Warning incorporated and a structure that sees their approach in full force right to the end.


Deep in musical integrity and song-writing, and devoid of slow moments, 'Monopoly Society' is a long but just awaited display of France's all-too -unexposed tendency to deliver from this  corner of the metal field. With this frightening debut, Fools Paradise are poised to give the rules a little re-write.






By Dave Attrill

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