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The Outlaw Orchestra – Pantomime Villains

(Voodoo Queen Records – 2020)

the outlaw orchestra - pantomime villain

Well after seeing these boys a few times over the past year or so I could not wait to get my hands on this album which many of us have been looking forward to for a good few months.


A band made up of four cool as f*ck dudes who are David Roux (Guitar/Lead Vocals); Ryan Smith (Drums/Percussion/Vocals); Alex Barter (Double Bass/Vocals) and Pete Briley (Banjo/Lap Steel/Vocals). There's ample helpings of Bluegrass, Old School 50's Rock 'N' Roll Country, Deep South Dixie Guts and pure precision on the play with so many arrangements being incredibly authentic to the max.


Many of us now know these songs so well and love them loads and how can you not when you get live classics like the opening brilliance of 'Hold On' that sets the standard from the get go; the cowboy clanking 'Chicken Fried Steak'; the bar-room stomping 'Whiskey Drinking Liar'; the country blues of 'Too Much Willie Nelson' where he rolls himself a big one like the man himself or the quirky where's my Camelness of 'Arabia' that works so well when it shouldn't – haha!


Then there's the 20's like madness of 'Voodoo Queen' that reminds me of New York's Curtis Eller gone Spanish later on; or what about 'It Happened Again' that is about Dave's addiction to buying expensive top ranking six-strings or the closing 'Send The Whiskey Home'.


A Deep South UK outfit that I cannot recommend highly enough!



By Glenn Milligan

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